Estimating isn't really about "how long something will take", it's all about getting the conversation started.

Estemotion is based on the concept of planning poker with an added dimension.

Estemotion uses (S)mall, (M)edium, (L)arge, (?)Need more information and (free_breakfast) for pass.

And adds (R)ed, (A)mber and (G)reen.

So very quickly a team member can indicate the size of the work item and also their "buy-in".

How does this work? Well, lets have an example.

A team is asked to "estimate" the size of a work item. They are all given a set of the Estemotion cards. The "game master" then reads out the details of the work item. Each team member is asked to lay down a card:

From the cards layed down we can get a sizing, and general consensus if the idea is sound. In the example above, 2 out of 4 thought it was a good idea, one thought it was not a good idea. So it's worth exploring why that might be - could be that the team member who thought it was a bad idea had some market insights, or knew the domain very well.

There was general consensus of the size of the work, it being a Medium, but as one team member thought it was Large, it can be explored a little more why they believe it requires more effort.

That's the concept of Estemotion. If you'd like to explore it some more, then you can print out the card template and create your own cards.

Card Template

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